Buildings of the Tabriz Islamic Art University:
Tabriz Islamic Art University have 3 main campus
  1. Maghsodiyeh campus (Historical and cultural complex)
  2. Pardis Campus (Historical and cultural complex)
  3. Multimedia Campus (Modern Buildings)
Maghsodiyeh campus is big complex that has been registered in the Iranian national heritage list (no. 1850 and 7498 dated Feb. 12, 2002,)  and consists of 7 historical houses called Behnam, Ganjehizadeh, Gadaki, Sadaghiani, Architect Ali Tabrizi (Gohariyon), Professor Reza Memaran (Javaherion) and Najafgholi Khan (Ghaffarian).
Gadaki House:
This building is located on the southern side of the complex with a total area of 1340 square meters and a substructure of 873 square meters connected to each other. It is located on the south side of U-shaped Moshir office. It has a very nice arched hall with Orosi (ornamental windows) and a Houzkhaneh (Fountain) which is attractive for tourists and students and was built during the Qajar period.

                                Outer Yard of Ghadaki House
Behnam House:
This building is the oldest building of the faculty, which has remained since the end of the Zandieh period and the devastating earthquake of 1193 AH. The beautiful Chalhipaii hall (cross-shaped) with its moonlight space and artistic paintings and decorations is the innovation of the Azerbaijani artists in Zandieh era. The total area of the building is 1900 square meters and its infrastructure is about 840 square meters.

Behnam House
Ganjeiizadeh House:
These houses consist of two connected buildings on both sides of the north and west. The building on the northern side is built during late Qajar period and the one on the western side was built in early Pahlavi 1st. Their approximate area is 4142 square meters and the infrastructure is about 729 square meters. These buildings are constructed in the form of extraterrestrial architecture in accordance with the current style of the course, and are decorated with neoclassical architectural artifacts.

                              Ghanjeizadeh House
Sadaghiani House:
It is located on the eastern side of the complex. The center of the house and the central courtyard, and the main buildings are connected with a very beautiful architecture within an area of approximately 6000 square meters and an infrastructure of about 2000 square meters. The northern mansion of the building is a beautiful courtyard, with a marble basin united in the basement, and remains intact. Due to air bombardment by Iraqi aircraft during the war, major damage was brought to this house, which is under repair.

Sadaghiani House 

Gohariyan Historical House 
It is located on the South side of the complex.

Gohariyan House

Pardis Campus (Historical and cultural complex)

(Multimedia Campus (Modern Buildings


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